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Leaders Invest their Energy 

Growth people invest in their energy. They learn to manage and protect their activities and time. When your time energy actions and efforts align with your values and priorities you create better outcomes. When your time energy actions and efforts do not align with your values and goals you will remain stuck and frustrated. Time, activities, values, talents, outcomes.


Leaders Listen and Learn Daily 

The journey of success, both personal and professional require daily learning. Working on developing new habits and skills daily. In order for this learning to happen, successful people read books. Successful people listen to audios. Successful people observe themselves and others daily. They learn to reflect through meditating, prayer, writing and journaling. Successful people also practice learning as a daily habit through self-evaluation, questioning, analyzing, assessing and tracking. Managing yourself, your life like a business. That is what successful people learning and practice every day.


Leaders Cultivate Change


Our environment is made up of two perspectives: An inner world and also, an outer world. Successful people learn to manage and take charge of both. When it comes to the outer world, successful people work hard every day to manage their physical environment through exercise, practicing better health regiments, and taking better care of themselves. They also manager their environment by carefully choosing the people and the relationships they have around them. The second part of one’s environment, includes their inner world. This is mostly important, because the inner world shapes what we experience in the outer world. The inner world includes: the emotional, spiritual and mental aspects an individual environment.  When it comes to the inner world, successful people manage how they feel, they focus on what they believe, what they say and they learn to concentrate as well as discipline their thoughts only on what they want to create in their life. Practice shifting your Heart/Mind/Belief/Meaning.


Leaders Pursue Values and Vision

Growth people drive their vision forward. A vision is a reference point we aim towards. It is a target, a focus an single-minded hope or desire. A vision is like a GPS system that keeps successful people on track in their everyday journey.  Successful people practice vision by focusing on what is important to them. Concentrating on what they want to accomplish and achieve. Vision keeps us aligned with our values, goals and thoughts. When we focus on a vision for the day, the week, the month or towards something we desire to create in the future, that vision will help guide us in making better choices. Successful people focus on vision, because they understand that a person can only travel in the direction that they can see. Even if they get lost or somehow off course, vision is what helps successful people stay the course and get back on track. Having a daily vision gives successful people a good reason to never give up, until that target, goal, task or vision is reached. Your focus is your destiny.


Leaders Focus on the Good

Growth people strive to see the good in everything. Being positive may not always be easy. However successful people strive every day to see something good about the situation. When we work on seeing good in everything, we force ourselves to reach a higher viewpoint. We push our perspectives beyond the common boundaries. We learn, we develop, we grow. When successful people learn to see the good in circumstances, they increase their ability to inspire themselves. They expand their capacity to share, encourage and motivate others. Successful people learn to see the good in everything because the understand that seeing the good, increases their ability to give. 

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